North Carolina Daniel Boone Heritage Trail, Inc.
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Daniel Boone is America’s pioneer hero. His life is a path through a remarkable period of American history which saw our country move from being a collection of Crown Colonies to becoming a united independent republic. That story unfolded with a clash of cultures between established native people and new immigrants eager to spread from the coast and across the mountain barrier. This westward movement of the American frontier and it Revolution is a story well told by following the life of Daniel Boone. 

North Carolina is proud to have been Daniel Boone’s home for 21 years, nearly a quarter of his long, legendary life. The North Carolina Daniel Boone Heritage Trail, Inc. invites you to join us in preserving his story, promoting the history of his era, and sharing his legacy and heritage with new generations. Become a member today and support our efforts to tell his tale in North Carolina by putting visitors in touch with the landscape on which he lived. 

Visit the sites on our map and in our photo gallery and then take to road and seem them yourself. Become a champion of history, an advocate for heritage. Join the North Carolina Daniel Boone Heritage Trail, Inc. and become a part of history, too.